On Saturday, 14th May 2022, some of the best African movie and tv stars gathered in Lagos for the 8th African Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) 2022. The event was hosted by the talented IK Osaduwa and the delectable Bonang Matheba.

It was a night of glitz, glamour and drama as the red carpet played host to the good, the bad and the ugly. Attending to the stylishly clad guests on the red carpet were the quartet of Ebuka Obi-Echendu, Sika Osei, Toke Makinwa and Uti Nwachukwu.

If you know anything about Nigerian fashion, you will recognise those names. They are some of the best-dressed personalities in Nigerian entertainment.

Without further ado, let’s look at how our celebrities dazzled.

Hostess with the Mostest

I’ll start with Bonang Matheba who co-hosted the show. Bonang was styled by Dahmola and she wore 3 fabulous dresses from three Nigerian designers.

My favourite is the piece from 2207 by Tolu Bally.

Red Carpet Queens

Next, we have Toke and Sika who were the perfect hosts on the red carpet. Both girls rocked two amazing dresses. One was worn on the red carpet while the ladies attended the ceremony in their 2nd dresses.

Toke is always a stunner on the red carpet, it was therefore interesting to see if she would be able to tone down her look and let others shine. The Matopedia piece was worn to perform her duties on the red carpet, it is glamorous but not overbearing. She got it right.

My favourite look is the red dress from South African designer Gertz Johan Coetzee. It’s a beauty.

Guys, I have a new favourite designer – Idiom Nupo. Just look at that green dress 😍. Sika’s second dress is also exquisite. Some amazing talent and creativity coming from our designers.

Sika nailed her two looks. Hair, make-up everything is Perfetto. That green dress puts her at the top of the best-dressed list for me.

I knew the red carpet hosts were going to kill it, they dressed better than most of the guests.

The Guests

We’ll start in a hot way 💓, the reds…

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Bimbo Ademoye

Bimbo looks fabulous in this red number. What a classy look. 9/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Nengi Hampson in Xtrabrideslagos

Stunning is the word, Nengi looks absolutely amazing in her red dress.

That shoulder Cape though, I wonder how whoever sat next to her would have felt 🤔, the dress would still slay without it. 9/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
KIekie in Valdrin Sahiti

The girls are not smiling at all! From one hot look to another. Kiekie stuns in this red dress from Valdrin. Whoa! 8/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
EKu Edewor in Vicnate

Eku looks effortlessly stylish in this sexy dress from Vicnate. 💖 8/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Faith Morey in Weiz Dhurm Franklyn

This is a work of art. Gorgeous outfit, I like the drama. 8/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Sarah Hassan wearing ‘The native Woman’.

Another lovely red outfit from Kenyan actress, Sarah.

Sarah looks gorgeous, her hair and make-up work well with her dress. 8/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Ada Jesus in Sherry Oge

Whilst I’m not a big fan of this dress, I must say that this beautiful lady cleans up well. If you see her in character, you won’t believe it’s the same person. Nice cleanup, girl 🙌🏽. 6/10

p.s. someone please ask the designer what that neck addition is for 🤷🏾‍♀️?

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Angel Smith in O Obiuku

Angel looks beautiful, the dress fits and accentuates her lovely shape perfectly. However, yes there’s a but! The fabric is wrong for this kind of event. It would be perfect for Aso-Ebi, not a Black tie event.

Regardless, Angel looks really nice, one of the best I’ve seen her. 7/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Nana Akua Addo in Cary Santiago

This is wearable art. I saw some horrendous creations on the red carpet, tagged ‘art’. This is the right way to do it. I love this look. 9/10

Let’s ease into the greens 💚

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Funke Akindele

LaFunky dazzles in green and we’re here for it. Common girl 🙌🏾. This is the look of a winner. ✅ 10/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Michelle Dede

Michelle is the perfect guest in her green dress. It’s flowy, it’s girly, it’s green liquid and I approve. Her hair is styled perfectly and is the right fit for her dress. I love this look. 9/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
LInda Eniofor in Frank Osodi

My darling Linda, she’s such a sweetheart in green. 💚. Now the look, the dress is lovely though a tad bit too simple. I’m surprised I’m saying this cause I love simple dresses, less is always more for me.

The hair and make-up don’t gel with the outfit as they should. Her look is too bridesmaidy, it’s an awards show, girl, you’ve got to put your best foot forward. 7/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Adunni Ade in Dona Matoshio

Adunni looks glamorous. Simple and sophisticated not in competition with the nominees (who own the night). Lovely look. ✅ 8/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
MImi Yina in Xtrabrides Lagos

Mimi looks gorgeous in her attire. However, as one of the best stylists in Nigeria, Mimi (popularly known as Medlin) should understand Red carpet etiquette. A stylist should not overshadow the celebrities they dress.

Either Medlin doesn’t know this or she just doesn’t care cause this look is screaming ‘I want to steal the spotlight. We like it though, she really does understand fashion. 9/10

Whoa 😍. What a vision Erica is in this stunning outfit. I am not a fan of ruched fabrics but honestly, I can’t even complain.

Do you prefer it with the train or without? Whilst it makes a big statement with the train, I personally prefer it without. So classy and sophisticated.

Erica was a presenter so she’s allowed to go all out. Her outfit has all the razzmatazz we expect on the red carpet. I love it ✅. 9/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Foul Storms in Mrs Sandra O

Dare to be different 😁.

I don’t know what to say about Folu’s look. I love the dress itself, it’s the styling I’m not sure about. The High gloves she’s wearing and the hair and earrings give her a dramatic look.
I think events like this call for ‘glamour’, not drama. 4/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Omowunmi Dada in Somo

Omowunmi looks elegant in her outfit. It’s sexy but not risque, just the right dose of sexiness. Lovely look from a nominee.

If I could change anything, it’ll be the baby hair in the front! I’m tired of seeing it, I don’t even understand why people like it! 8/10

Let’s glow up with yellow 💛

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Beverly Osu in Tiannah

Beverly is the only one Tiannah styled that evening that was okay. I just wish the outfit was ironed before she wore it.

I love me some Beverly, but this outfit is too costumey for me. 6/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Mumbi Maina in Ann Cranberry

Beautiful Kenyan actress Mumbai looks lovely in her dress. I love the colour. 7/10

Mary Lazarus in Julimaria Creations

Mary looks nice in her outfit. I feel a different sleeve could have given the dress a more elegant look. Nonetheless, she looks beautiful.

Spot the baby hair 😤. I really don’t get its popularity 🤷🏾‍♀️. 7/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Bisola Aiyeola in Somo

Mellow yellow 💛. Bisola looks uber classy in her outfit. She was a double nominee due to her hard work over the years and she came dressed to impress.

Although she didn’t take home any awards, she’s a winner any time, any day. Absolutely fab. 9/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Maria Nepembe in Ruberto Scholtz

Maria Maria 💛. She looks as cool as butter in this beautiful girly outfit. Her look screams ‘out to have fun’. Love it. 9/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Adesuwa Etomi in Matopedia

Goodness, gracious, just look at this image! Adesuwa with the body 😍. This is so so beautiful, so glamorous. Definitely one of my best looks. 🔥 10/10

Let’s stroll into the Magneta and burgundys 💜

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Shaffy Bello in Xtrabrides Lagos.

Shaffy Bello is a stunner, she knows it and she’s always ready to stun. She has done it again in the purple goodness.

I think the dress would have been just fine without the shoulder cape though. All the same, she looks good. 8/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Enado Odigie in Lanre Dasilva Ajayi

Enado looks gorgeous in this classy piece from Lanre Dasilva Ajayi. 9/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Kaffy in Olive by Kimberly

Kaffy looks so really nice. 9/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Maria Benjamin in Veekee James

I’m not a fan of voluminous dresses but I appreciate the display of talent here. Beautiful piece. 8/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Eniola Badmus in Becca Needles and Stitches

I like this dress but really wish Eniola had gone with a different hairstyle. A flat hairstyle or even a loose updo would have been more appropriate. Please make this baby hair thing stop 🙏🏾. 7/10

Time to go softer, meet the pinks 💗

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Iyabo Ojo in Erica Moore

Another lovely look that could have done without the extra baggage on the shoulder. 7/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Caroline Danjuma in Magnetic Elegance

Carolyn clearly wanted all eyes on her and she’s getting her wish. Tulle and frills in all their glory.

She looks glamorous, the soft pink/peach suits her perfectly. 9/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Hawa Magaji in Khavis Woman

Frills, frills and even more frills. Hawa looks like she’s out to have fun in her pink attire. It’s different and I like it. 9/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Tolu Bally in 2207 by Tolu Bally

How else will you look when a talented designer designs an outfit for herself if not fabulous. A very different look, I like it though. 9/10

Ladies and Gentlemen, Purple💜

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Idia Aisien in Anjy Luminee Couture

There are some creative designers that need the right stylist or client to bring out the absolute best in them. This designer is one of them.

Idia looks like a specially packed luxurious gift. Perfect make-up, perfect hair, fabulous look. 10/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Eniola Ajao in Anjy Luminee Couture

Same designer as the outfit above, same colour, different effect. This one is called ‘how not to wear Luminee’.

Awkward design, it’s the baby hair again 😤. Not a good look at all! 4/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Tolan Baj in Aisy

I don’t know how I feel about this outfit! I wish she’d gone with a different colour, maybe rich Navy or even red.

She looks good though. 7/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022

I normally don’t like add-ons on dresses, especially Occasionwear but I actually don’t mind this one. It looks good on her, but girl, why that hair!

The hair spoilt the look, go and sin no more dear 😘. 6/10

It’s getting cool in here 😎, it’s the blues 💙

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Toyin Abraham in BK Glam

Toyin, this is 2022 now, common girl. I love me some Toyin, she’s just one of those people that carry an unusual grace. A lot of people just like her. Toyin is no fashionista, but I appreciate the fact that she makes an effort.

Toyin, you’re a big name in the industry, it’s time to start using the top stylists, please. 6/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Stephanie Coker in 2207 by Tolu Bally

Fabulous look Stephanie. Cobalt in all its glory, cooked to perfection. I love it. 9/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Moet Abebe in Lanre Dasilva Ajayi

This is how you treat silk/chiffon. Every designer should make sure the fabric is steam ironed for the perfect effect before your client hits the carpet. Trust me it makes a lot of difference.

Beautiful outfit, even though feel like pulling up that cleavage, the outfit is still as cool as ice 😎. 8/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Alex Unusual in Idiol Nupo

Alex gets a pass mark in this beautiful powder blue dress. It’s even nicer without the train. 8/10

Metallic, anyone? 💥

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Jemima Osunde in Flat 17 Studio

I’m not wowed by this look. It reminds me of ‘Nicole Miller’ metallic dresses of the noughties.

Her hair and make-up made up for whatever is lacking in this look. She looks beautiful. 8/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Wathoni Anyansi in Lady Beellionaire

Wathoni nailed her look. She looks gorgeous.8/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Cynthia Nwadiora in Amy Aghomi

Ceecee looks like a chandelier. There’s just too much going on here. 6/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Uche Montana in Emagine by Bukola

Uche looks gorgeous in her dress. The dress flatters her curves perfectly. 9/10

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Chioma Akpotha in Becca Needles and Stitches

Chioma looks beautiful in her dress. Very elegant look. 8/10

Osas Ighodaro in Veekee James

Perfection. It looks like she was sewn into the dress. Osas took home the best actress awards as well as an award for being the best-dressed actress of the night.

Though she’s not my best dressed, I must admit that she looks flawless in this dress. Her hair and make-up complement the dress. 10/10

Debby Felix in Flat 17 Studio

I like Debby’s look. Even her turban works on the red carpet. Like a lot of the ladies, her outfit could have done with a little straightening 8/10

Uru Eke in Aficcana

The beautiful Uru Eke looks stunning in this handmade creation, Love her hair, make-up and accessories. One of my best looks. 9/10

Nancy Isime

My girl Nancy looks like a funky priestess in her attire. I like Nancy and she usually delivers on the red carpet but not this time, well, not for me. 6/10

Bukunmi Oluwasina

There’s something futuristic about Bukunmi’s look. With a different hairstyle and shoes, it would have been a complete wow. 7/10

Dorothy Bachor in Radchaleur

Dorothy glows in this delicate-looking piece. I approve. 8/10

Jackie Bent in Kulu

I really like this outfit. It’s an unusual combo but it appeals to me. Something different from the usual ‘shine shine’ outfits that are the rage now. I love her hair and makeup. It’s a demure look, but it works. 8/10

It’s Black, no, it’s white, well, its both – Monochrome 🤍🖤

Jumoke Adedoyin in Renny Rouff

Jumoke looks fabulous in her dress. 8/10

Eriata Ese in Okoro Dozie

I’m not a fan of this dress. I also feel straight long hair would have softened the look, it’s too uptight for me. 6/10

Kate Henshaw in Sevon Dejana

Aunty Kate, wharrapen? This look is not looking at all. 6/10

This is so simple but elegant. I really like it. The hair and makeup work so well with her look. She nailed it. 9/10

Meet the Blacks 🖤

Meg Otanwa in Uju Stelo

Meg was a nominee. She posted that she had felt unnoticed in the industry for so long before she got the nomination.

Meg dearie, you have our full attention, your outfit is so classy and we love it. 9/10 🖤

Uriel in Soluch by Soso

Uriel looks gorgeous. I like her hair and make-up too. I don’t think she chose the right footwear though, a pair of strappy sandals or pumps would have been better. 8/10

Simi Drey in Whitney Black

It’s an award show darling not a costume gala. Kim Kardashian’s Balenciaga look for the 2020 MET gala inspired this look but this is the wrong event for costumes.

Even Kim looked ridiculous when she wore it but it’s still a million times better than this. 2/10

Toyin Lawani in Tiannah

There’s no denying the fact that Toyin is talented, my goodness, she’s loaded! The issue is that her styles, though amazingly creative, do not belong on a black-tie event’s red carpet. How do you wear an outfit with a bull’s head to present an award’s show? 5/10

People don’t always have to conform to the dressing norms, however, except you’re trying to raise awareness for a cause, costumes don’t belong in shows like this. A themed event or costume gala would be more appropriate.

Toyin, your talent is unbelievable! Please take an international course to fine-tune your amazing ideas, you belong on the international scene, babe, you’re Good.

So, which colour group is your favourite?

The Greens 💚

The blues 💙

The Purples

The Pinks

The Metallics

The monochromes 🖤🤍

Blacks 🖤

I love seeing couples on the red carpet. Here are some of the best couples I spotted;

Etim Effiong Toyosi Etim-Effiong

I love this couple 💓.

Mercy Aigbe and Kazim Adeoti

Mercy wore a gorgeous dress but she spoilt it with her fascinator. Mercy, it’s an awards show, not a wedding ceremony.

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Ibrahim Suleiman and Linda Ejiofor Suleiman

These two are sweethearts.

Fashion from the AMVCA 2022
Lateef and Adebimpe Adedimeji

I don’t know how Bimpe let her designer talk her into wearing this. They look good together though.

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