Fun fact of the day

I love looking up fun facts, it’s amazing what you learn from them! I’ve decided to share some interesting facts I find with you guys.

Thinking out loud…

Are women that talkative though 🤔? I do talk more than hubby so there must be some truth to it. I talk more when we’re relaxing as well as during the day. I also chat with friends most days and I always talk to my siblings. So in my case, this is definitely true especially when it relates yo social conversations. I do know some really talkative Men though 🤫.

What about you, who talks more, you, your partner or whichever adult is around you?

Have a great day.



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One thought on “Fun Fact of the Day

  1. I’ll say I talk more, but only when I need to and after carefully thinking through my opinion. I generally don’t inject my opinion unless I’ve reviewed each perspective. Well that’s what I think, Weltanschauung view about me might differ.

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